19257230 E-RO D 5.3L System - LS3 6.2L

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Power your project with the only CARB-certified OEM hot rod crate engines!

Chevrolet Performance leads the industry with E-ROD crate engine systems and supporting components that enable enthusiasts to build a car that complies with the law, satisfies their desire for a cleaner hot rod and doesn’t sacrifice the performance. All of our E-ROD crate engine systems – 5.3L, LS3 and LSA – are certified by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and carry Executive Order numbers. This enables enthusiasts to install the engine kit in 1995- and-earlier cars and trucks that predate OBD II on-board emissions diagnostics. All engine systems are offered in automatic- and manual transmission calibrations and each includes the engine controller and other necessary components, including:
• Exhaust manifolds
• Catalytic converters
• Oxygen sensors and sensor bosses
• Fuel tank evaporative emissions canister
• Mass airflow sensor and sensor boss
• Accelerator pedal (for use with the electronic throttle body)
• Air filter
• Instruction manual

Note: New for 2013, E-ROD Engine Systems can be delivered as a complete “Connect & Cruise” engine and transmission system!